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Landscapes   by Bob McCree


Bob gives a good summary of tips on how to shoot great landscape photos.

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Posted:   Mon 20 Apr 2020


Diwali Festival Article

Brief article put together by Bob McCree on how to take good photos at the Diwali Festival. 

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Posted:   Tue 22 Oct 2019


Backgrounds   by Bob McCree

Bob McCree has written an excellent article on Backgrounds in photography.

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Posted:   Thu 05 Apr 2018


Photographing Fireworks   by Bob McCree

Bob McCree has written an excellent article on how to photograph fireworks

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January 2018


Camera Settings for Beginners   by Bob McCree


Tips to get the most out of your new DSLR camera.

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Posted:   Sat 24 Feb 2018


Night Photography   by Bob McCree

Please read on for an excellent article by Bob McCree, all about Night Photography to prepare and inspire you for city night shoots.

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Posted:   Fri 27 Apr 2018




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