Competition Information

The following table lists the set subjects, or themes, for our club competitions for the coming year.  Each Set competition will be titled with the set subject or theme for that month.

Set subjects are topics to challenge us as photographers, to go out and create images that depict the theme set out in the Set subject.

There will be an introduction to the set subject, with brief explanation and descriptions of what it is about, and some examples of what you can achieve with that theme.  These will be given in the meeting preceding the set subject for a given month.

Set Subjects for 2022






The Blues


Ground Level




Altered Reality


Long Exposure


Street / PJ




Into the Dark

















Coming up in 2021 at PSNZ

The Photographic Society of New Zealand run a series of competitions throughout the year.  We encourage you to enter these external competitions.  Some competitions are for PSNZ members only but the majority are open to the public. There is a wide variety of topics and genre so we are sure you'll find something to interest you.  It's easy to forget to enter so we've listed them in (approximate) chronological order.  The exact dates are not confirmed yet, but we will let you know when they are.  For more information Click here

PSNZ Sony National Exhibition:

A National Salon held at the annual Convention.

Canon on Line:

A bimonthly national competition.  The closing dates for 2021 are 25th February, 25th April, 25th June, and so on.

Laurie Thomas Landscape Salon:

Hosted by Christchurch Photographic Society.  This digital competition is open to all photographers.  Entries comprise of digitally unaltered images of the New Zealand landscape.  The Champion Award receives a unique landscape trophy to keep.

North Shore Salon:

Open to all New Zealand photographers.  Entries comprise of both digital and print submissions across several categories.

Tauranga Audio-Visual Salon:

Hosted by the Tauranga Photographic Society, it is open to current financial members of the PSNZ, affiliated clubs and members of other photographic organisations around the world.  Entries comprise of digital AV files

Creative Focus:

Hosted by the Pukekohe – Franklin Camera Club, it is open to members from all clubs affiliated with PSNZ.  Entries comprise of digital images.

Nelson National Triptych Competition

Open to all New Zealand photographers.  Entries comprise of digital projected images triptych images only, the subject matter is open.  The Champion Award will receive a hand – crafted triptych trophy to retain.

The National Photojournalism Competition

Hosted by the New Brighton Photographic Club, it is open to all PSNZ New Zealand residents, or financial members of a PSNZ affiliated camera club.  Entries comprise of digital submissions.

Dunedin Festival of Photography

Open to all New Zealand photographers.  Entries comprise of both digital and print submissions across several categories.

The Whanganui Biennial Salon

The Wanganui Salon was a prominent fixture on the national photographic calendar from 1956 until 1992.  It was held again in 2019 to commemorate the first meeting of a Camera Club in Whanganui in 1894 – 125 years ago.

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